A Poem by Anahita Bilimoria



An engaging book

A stray strand of my hair

Your wedding ring by the bathtub

Leftovers of yesterday’s pizza

The dried leaves in the driveway

The spilled coffee on the table

The water stains on the glass window

The tear stains on my pillow

or was it yours, who knows

Your bleeding heart

My shattered trust

Our lives in chaos









Your insecurity, my paranoia

ever-growing like a cancer

infecting our insides

rotting our lives

My ripped shirt

Our half-eaten breakfast

The door left unlocked and

The window half-open

The car engine left running

The lipstick stain on your shirt

My lingerie in the backseat of







you knew I knew

of the skeletons in our closet

Yes ours. Together

whispering and spilling their secrets to each other

While we spent an eternity in pretence

Breathing in our relationship

like stale air

the motes clogging our insides

and us crawling away from each other

one lie at a time.

Running constantly and as fast as we can

as far as we can from ideals

Dodging the only question that binds















Anahita is a 23 year old Indian born and brought up in Mumbai. She takes a profound liking to literature, poetry and all things books have to offer, owing to parents who pushed her towards the power of words since a tender age. She is currently working as a Python Developer. She blogs her pain, heart, rants,  and sometimes everything together; out on a small outlet named bluebattlescars.wordpress.com. Apart from being seen with her nose stuck in the pages of a book, she is also a self-certified foodie. She is a born misfit, and as it always is, words are her salvation.  


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