A Poem by RC deWinter


your mistake


i looked past your pink scrubbed skin

the pen in the pocket of your shirt

and tried to see your heart


i thought



we dined but never really danced

still i hoped

i wanted it to be you

even though you were always nervous

wearing abandonment like a raincoat

your eyes full of remembered disappointments


but the night you brought me hothouse roses

i knew it was no good

you couldn't see past my company manners

into the cracks that cement me

you mistook me for an ordinary woman










RC deWinter’s poetry has been anthologized in New York City Haiku (NY Times, 2017), Uno: A Poetry Anthology (Verian Thomas, 2002), and featured in print in 2River View, Pink Panther Magazine, Another Sun, Plum Ruby Review and in numerous online publications. Down in the Dirt will feature two pieces in its Jan/Feb 2019 print edition.



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