Art by Dominique Duong

Artist statement: Dominique Duong is a freelance illustrator, concept artist and cartoonist working in London, UK. She is fascinated by the macabre, the surreal and the magical, with mythology, fairy tales, nature and folklore all being huge influences, but its storytelling that forms the heart of her work.

In the past, she was the lead artist and illustrator for interactive fiction game, Greyfriars Bobby, and has worked on numerous other projects, including I Shot Rock and Roll, The White Hound of the North, I Made You A Mixtape, and more. She's exhibited her work with The Trump Art Show, Harrow Arts Centre, WAXED and South London Comic and Zine Festival, and was a winner of a Highly Commended Award in the Illustration & Animation category from Creative Conscience. In 2018, Dominique went on to self-publish her own art zine, The Black Cloud, which explores her mental health struggles through black and white conceptual illustrations.