A Poem by Tianna G. Hansen

Bent Wings

You are a butterfly

with bent wings,

they say you will

never fly again.

Wings of fragile


flutter in winds

never to feel the


of air beneath,

soaring high above

budding flowers

the caress of sun's

rays gentle like

a considerate lover

who takes his time

to discover every inch

of you instead

of rushing through,

ignoring your stiff

limbs and cries,

a captured butterfly

only trying to test

its wings and

take flight,

become anew just as the

moment of crawling

free from the

chrysalis and first


how to fly

Tianna G. Hansen has been writing her whole life and started her own lit mag/press in June 2018, Rhythm & Bones (check it out and read their first issue at RhythmNBone.com). She dreams by day and writes by night (or vice versa). Follow her writing updates at CreativeTianna.com or on Twitter @tiannag92.