Two Poems by Amy Shimshon-Santo



my imagination

is ambidextrous


there are curves

on the curves

of my curves


mango asterisks

carbonized hyphens

salty marks

of interrogation







I’ve decided to dress my body

in blessings. speak to my breath

with the amazement it deserves


gather around myself in communion

sing praises to my veins, and their ability

to turn a paper sack of groceries

I bought with my own money

into plasma. skin. consciousness


celebrate this body-temple

notice the parts not ready to give up

honor the looped tourniquets

yanked taut to stop the gush

of sanguine wounds


I am noticing all the healing

that’s been going on while I sleep

tangerine pajamas dream

an intergalactic birthday party

that saves my rain house

made of mud and cake


I've decided to dress my body

in the golden filament of respect

and become the great protector

— my own saving grace


I stand at a crossroads

shark teeth grinning

at the spools of happiness

stored inside me, waiting

to be unfurled








Amy Shimshon-Santo  is a poly-lingual writer and educator. She has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize in creative nonfiction (2017), Best of the Net in poetry (2018). Her writing has been published by Lady Liberty Lit, Zócalo Public Square, Yes Poetry, Awkward Mermaid Lit Mag, Rose Quartz Journal, Full Blede, PCC Inscape Mag, ACIC, Spectrum, Entropy, SAGE Publications, UC Press, SUNY Press, Public!: A Journal of Imagining America, Teaching Artist Journal, Tiferet Journal, and Critical Planning Journal. Twitter: @amyshimshon  IG: @shimshona


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