A Poem by Harley Claes


[ : when you woke ] the blankets we shared became the darkest sultry swamp -

embedding us in touch of tugging limbs and plump bellies

while my fingers entwined into you, your tender ripening bodies spring-

our young legs struggle ashore

swallowed in the swim,

Angel etched into our periwinkle thighs with pomegranate flavored- tongue-tips and swapped kiss . we lap raw sugar and milk of carnation.

they laughed: "your heart is doomed, girl." when I prowled the world with the angels of the sickroom.

on the eve of our last summer we learned the secret language of lizard kings and how to touch.

Harley Claes is a poet and novelist from Detroit, Michigan. Her first novel 'Pity the Poetics' is a poetry and short story anthology. She attended an all arts school majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Dance. She enjoys making perfumes, taking care of her plants, and exploring nature. Her website is harleyclaes.wixsite.com/author.