A Poem by Micaela Walley


in the center of our mattress

it usually blends in with the flowers

when I’m changing the sheets

I check to make sure it’s still there

our sheets too

have remnants of that same blood

from that same part of my body

yes, I washed them

he never responds well to my blood my body

but I don’t mind it

my body

or him

I cannot resent what comes from my body

or him

that’s a dangerous road to start down

hating your gelatins and juices

leg hairs, etc.

of course, I shave them

tap tap tap

the razor against the side of the tub

examine the hairs—how long

they are! how bendable

against my index finger

held firmly

against my thumb!

watch how it moves!

in out up down in out

these things take time, you see

but I am learning how to love both

at the same time—


& my body.

Micaela Walley is a recent graduate from the University of South Alabama where she majored in Creative Writing. Her work can be found in Oracle Fine Arts Review, Eunoia Review, and Straight Forward Poetry. She currently lives in Hanover, Maryland with her best friend -- Chunky, the cat.